About Door Knocker Whiskey

Door Knocker Whiskey is small batch whiskey. We create Bourbon, Rye, and other American Whiskey that has yet to be fully defined. Each run on the still will make 2 to 5 barrels depending on the process and the mash bill. The three whiskies available are marked by the barrel number with Roman Numerals at the bottom left of the label


Barrel VIII

54% ABV 108 Proof

This qualifies as a bourbon with a mash bill majority corn with malted wheat. It rested in a #4 char barrel. At cask strength it was 112 Proof so it is not far from its original ABV. Talking it to 108 opens up notes of butter sweet followed by subtle smoke, light tobacco notes. Nutty vanilla on the finish. This whiskey pairs great with a cigar and hardy winter meals.

Barrel XIII

52.2% ABV 105 Proof

This qualifies as a bourbon with a mash bill majority corn with two types of barley. It rested in a #4 char barrel. At cask strength is was 115. The aroma brings dried fruit notes with a sweet toffee hidden behind light oak. You must expect something different to enjoy this. Light citrus and honey with a full expression of 105 proof.

Barrel IV & XII Blend

42.5% ABV 93 Proof

This is an American blend of two rye mash bill barrels. These two barrels hold the same distillate that was majority rye with small amounts of corn and barley. Barrel IV was a reconstructed hogshead that included rejuvenated wine barrel staves and new heads. Barrel XII was a rejuvenated Bourbon barrel that was scrapped and recharged at the #2 level. This 50/50 blend creates a one of kind taste profile that a true whiskey aficionado can appreciate. It’s soft touch coats your mouth with light zest and an easy bite of rye. It has a sweet floral wood taste that continues to bring you back.

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    Door Knocker Whiskey is dedicated to making great American Whiskey. This includes Kentucky Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and other Whiskies. Door Knocker Whiskey single barrel and small batch blends use all new make disilate from a small craft distillery in Kentucky that grows its own corn. Distilled, Bottled, and Matured at Three Boys Farm Distillery just like it says on the back of the label.

    Each barrel reveals ever changing taste each season. Bottled at a proof that tastes best, whether cask strength or opened up to a low 80 proof to reveal unique grain and barrel notes you may miss at higher proof. We look at each barrel and respectfully adjust for each bottling. Our small batch blends are created as if they were art. Ever changing and never the same.