About Door Knocker Whiskey

Door Knocker Whiskey, bottled, distilled and matured at Three Boys Farm Distillery, is small batch whiskey. A Kentucky Proud brand, Door Knocker Whiskey creates bourbon, rye and other American whiskey, and prides itself on respectfully and artfully adjusting proofs to reveal a unique grain and barrel note. Offering distinct flavors, the three whiskeys available are marked by barrel number at the bottom left of the label.


Barrel Vlll

54% ABV 108 Proof

Barrel VII is a sophisticated bourbon with a mash bill majority of corn with malted wheat. Aged in a #4 char barrel, this bourbon rests close to cask strength and is richly flavorful with sweet notes of butter and light smokey tobacco. It finishes with a nutty vanilla flavor.

Barrel Xlll

44.5% ABV 89 Proof

Barrel XIII is a smooth bourbon with a mash bill majority corn with two types of barley. Dried fruit notes paired with sweet toffee and light oak flavors creates a mellow bourbon. Barrel XIII, aged in a #4 char barrel, has a long and balanced finish of light citrus and honey.

Barrel IV & XII Blend

46.5% ABV 93 Proof

Barrel IV & XII Blend is a robust American blend of two rye mash bill barrels. Combined, these two barrels create a full-bodied whiskey with a one-of-a-kind taste profile a true whiskey aficionado will appreciate. With a light zest and an easy bite of rye, it presents a sweet floral wood taste to finish.

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    Door Knocker Whiskey is dedicated to making great American whiskey, including Kentucky bourbon, rye whiskey and other whiskeys. Door Knocker Whiskey single barrel and small batch blends are all distilled, bottled and matured at Three Boys Farm Distillery in Frankfort, KY.

    Each batch is bottled at a proof that tastes best - whether it's cask strength or opened up to a low 80 proof to reveal unique grain and barrel notes missed at a higher proof. Our small batch blends are created like a piece of art, respectfully and artistically adjusted to push boundaries on whiskey creation.