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Door Knocker Whiskey, bottled, distilled and matured at Three Boys Farm Distillery, is small batch whiskey. A Kentucky Proud brand, Door Knocker Whiskey creates bourbon, rye and other American whiskey, and prides itself on respectfully and artfully adjusting proofs to reveal a unique grain and barrel note. Offering distinct flavors, the whiskeys available are marked by barrel number at the bottom left of the label.


Barrel VIII

54.5% ABV 109 Proof

Barrel VII is a sophisticated bourbon with a mash bill majority of corn with malted wheat. Aged in a #4 char barrel, this bourbon rests close to cask strength and is richly flavorful with sweet notes of butter and light smokey tobacco. It finishes with a nutty vanilla flavor.

Barrel XIII

44.5% ABV 89 Proof

Barrel XIII is a smooth bourbon with a mash bill majority corn with two types of barley. Dried fruit notes paired with sweet toffee and light oak flavors creates a mellow bourbon. Barrel XIII, aged in a #4 char barrel, has a long and balanced finish of light citrus and honey.

Barrel IV & XII Blend

46.5% ABV 93 Proof

Barrel IV & XII Blend is a robust American blend of two rye mash bill barrels. Combined, these two barrels create a full-bodied whiskey with a one-of-a-kind taste profile a true whiskey aficionado will appreciate. With a light zest and an easy bite of rye, it presents a sweet floral wood taste to finish.

Barrel VII

67.5% ABV 135 Proof

Barrel VII is a dream for the seasoned bourbon drinker. This barrel was created off the same run as Barrel VIII. Notes of toffee dominate with hints of vanilla and a touch of light hazel. It's full-bodied finish brings a buttery oak candy flavor to be savored.

Barrel VII

49% ABV 98 Proof

Barrel VII is also available at a lower proof, opening up lighter wood notes with touches of honey vanilla.

Barrel III

53.5% ABV 107 Proof

Barrel III is a rye whiskey that started in a used Bourbon barrel that had previously held a sweet red wine. After nine months, the rye distillate was moved into a #4 new char barrel to rest for over six years. This whiskey is composed of rich candy fruit notes with traces of dark chocolate. A lingering spice followed by a subtle sweetness of baked fruits and a hint of oak yields a warm finish.

Barrel XX

55.5% ABV 111 Proof

Barrel XX contains a rye mash bill that rested in a used Bourbon barrel for four years. Light toffee notes paired with vanilla finish with a full spice from the rye.

BLEND Barrel XX Barrel III & Barrel XXXIII

This is a blend of three barrels (both barrel XX and barrel lll are described above). Barrel XXXlll has a mash bill with corn and two barleys. It entered an angelica style white port barrel creating a taste that is perfectly blended to add nutty earthiness to floral fruit candy notes. The nose starts off with fresh pear aromatics. Light chocolate citrus zest with butterscotch notes and sugar spice rye bite produces a velvety finish at 111 proof. A touch of sweet orange and lingering honey makes this whiskey a standout.

Barrel XV

60.5% ABV 121 Proof

This cask strength bourbon has a mashbill of two barleys and corn. The roasted barley brings out distinct notes of hazelnut cake mix on the nose. The taste starts with rich tobacco leaf, butter and maple syrup and finishes with light dry fruit notes with hints of chocolate and coffee. This will also be available at 44.5% ABV to match the Barrel XIII taste profile.

Barrel XlV

Roasted Double Barley Corn mashbill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey at 118 Cask Strength. A complex nose keeps the mind guessing. Taste of butter toast with caramel and honey. A touch of graham cracker pie crust. It finishes with pie crust that leaves a hidden note of fruit jam. This barrel #4 char barrel rested for 4 years in Kentucky where it was distilled, matured and bottled.

Barrel V

Another wheat barrel that is at 114 proof. It rested in a #1 char barrel. Similar nose to Barrel Vll and Vlll. With familiar notes of BBQ, light butter and sweetness. A velvety texture that hits the mouth with mild mellowness.

Barrel XXXVI

At 108 proof, this blend steps into it own realm. The base of the blend is a 5 year old rye mashbill that entered into a used Bourbon barrel. It is balanced by a 6 year old rye mashbill that entered a rejuvenated Bourbon barrel. It pulls nuances from a 2 year old Roasted Double Barley Corn mashbill that entered into an Angelica style white Port barrel. These three distillates married together in a new char barrel.

On the nose fresh baked cherry pie with a lingering croissant. Notes of black tea, sweet fruit, fig, and light almond are followed by dry fruit. This leaves a soft release of layers that move quickly. This rollercoaster of quick moving flavors is followed by a rye bite that a seasoned whiskey drinker will appreciate.

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    Door Knocker Whiskey is dedicated to making great American whiskey, including Kentucky bourbon, rye whiskey and other whiskeys. Door Knocker Whiskey single barrel and small batch blends are all distilled, bottled and matured at Three Boys Farm Distillery in Frankfort, KY.

    Each batch is bottled at a proof that tastes best - whether it's cask strength or opened up to a low 80 proof to reveal unique grain and barrel notes missed at a higher proof. Our small batch blends are created like a piece of art, respectfully and artistically adjusted to push boundaries on whiskey creation.